UK Aid Match Funding


Match funding is available for UK-based not-for-profit organisations to fund activities that aim to reduce poverty in countries ranked in one or more of the lowest 50 countries in the UN Human Development Index, or on the UK Government’s high or moderate fragility list.

Maximum value:  £2,000,000

Objectives of Fund

The UK Aid Match programme aims to help UK non-profitmaking organisations change the lives of some of the world’s poorest people by matching public donations to charity appeals with funding from the international development budget.

The focus of UK Aid Match will be to:

  • Support the achievement of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development through financing civil society projects.
  • Provide opportunities for the UK public to engage with international development issues and have a say in how a portion of the international development budget is spent.

The countries that are eligible for organisations to implement their UK Aid Match-funded projects in are:

  • The lowest 50 countries in the UN Human Development Index (HDI).
  • The countries the UK Government considers to be of high or moderate fragility.

Value Notes

Eligible organisations can receive UK Aid Match funding from a minimum of £100,000 to a maximum of £2 million.

Match Funding Restrictions

Applicants must propose a minimum 10% contribution from match sources – either the appeal or other sources.

Each pound raised by the applicant will be matched by the scheme.

The project proposal should be for a single project of sufficient scale to use all of the expected match funding, but it does not need to be 100% funded by match funding.

For example, the proposal could be for a project which is 50% funded by UK Aid Match and 50% by a combination of other sources such as public donations to the appeal, core funds, or co-funding from other donors.

Who Can Apply

Eligible organisations must:

  • Be a UK-registered, UK-based, non-governmental, and not-for-profit organisation with its own UK constitution and independent board of trustees.
  • Be registered with the Fundraising Regulator (except CSOs in Scotland only).
  • Be able to provide published annual audited accounts or financial statements for the last two years.
  • Meet the minimum requirements of the communication partnership that will publicise the appeal to the public.
  • Be contributing to the Global Goals for Sustainable Development (
  • Hold no more than three UK Aid Match grants for projects that have more than nine months left to run.
  • Plan projects in one or more of the countries ranked in the lowest 50 countries in the UN Human Development Index (HDI) or in certain countries the UK Government considers to be of high or moderate fragility.
  • Show that funding will be used for new, time-limited projects of up to three years duration, or to expand on-going projects by up to three years.
  • Show that additional activities funded by UK Aid Match in on-going projects, and the additional results they are expected to achieve, are clearly identified, with a clear, time-limited schedule for delivery, and a distinct budget.


The following are not eligible for funding (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Organisations based outside the UK – even if they are organisations which deliver development projects in developing countries.
  • Think tanks, policy institutes or research organisations.
  • Governmental and inter-governmental organisations (or any other organisation which reports directly to government).
  • Activities which may lead to civil unrest.
  • Groups linked to any terrorist organisation.
  • Organisations which discriminate against any group on the basis of gender, disability, race, colour, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religion.
  • Any costs of advertising an appeal or to report back to the public.
  • Major capital expenditure.
  • Scholarships.
  • Stand-alone activities.
  • Appeals to raise money for rapid onset disasters that require an immediate response, due to the fixed timing of the application process. (Note: longer-term disaster recovery and humanitarian operations can be considered for match funding).

The programme will not match:

  • Financial donations from for-profit organisations.
  • The Gift Aid element of donations.
  • The proceeds of selling in-kind donations made directly to the organisations unless this is part of a pre-agreed stock appeal.

Eligible Expenditure

The funding is for projects that will help to achieve the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, within the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office’s (FCDO’s) eligible countries.

In Round 5 of the programme, the funder is keen to see projects with a particular focus on:

  • The longer-term impacts of COVID-19.
  • Girls’ education.
  • Ending preventable deaths through tackling malnutrition or malaria.

All applications must demonstrate how they contribute towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals and how they respond to the priorities of UK Aid Match.

DFID will only match fund public donations which are given in response to the appeal.

UK Aid Match grants will be awarded to organisations for projects in countries ranked in the lowest 50 countries in the Human Development Index (HDI) or on the FCDO high or moderate fragility list.

Each charity appeal must run for up to three months and raise up to a maximum of £2 million, subject to a due diligence assessment.

How To Apply

The deadline for submission of Concept Notes for Round 5 is 18 December 2020 (5pm).

Applicants are ‘strongly recommended’ to read all the guidance and look carefully at the application templates before starting to prepare their application.

There is a two-stage application process:

  • Applicants must first submit a Concept Note.
  • Applicants successful at the Concept Note stage will be invited to submit a full application.

A Concept Note form, along with the guidelines and all other documents, can be found on the UK Aid Match website.

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