Unite Union Claims That Negotiations With RSPCA Have Collapsed

The union Unite has claimed that negotiations regarding a dispute between the RSPCA and its employees about changes to pay and conditions have broken down.  The RSPCA has stated that this claim is untrue.

It has been claimed that the RSPCA wish to change the terms and conditions of their employees replacing the incremental pay scheme, a standard practice across all sectors, with performance related increases.  A quick search on the RSPCA website for current vacancies found that there are jobs advertised that pay less than the national average wage, which is approximately £26,000.  Those jobs advertised are for responsible roles where individuals have to deal with crisis situations, witness some horrific sights of animal cruelty, have to deal with some rather unpleasant individuals and produce evidence that is used in successful prosecutions. 

The RSPCA Trustees’ Report and Accounts 2018 shows an annual income of £142m in 2018.  How has it come to this?  Surely retention of staff should be a key priority?  Unite claim that staff retention is at risk should RSPCA planned changes take place.

The report also shows that there are 37 employees at RSPCA that earn over £60,000 p.a.  A rough estimate shows that those individuals cost RSPCA around £3,000,000 p.a.  This figure does not include pensions and National Insurance paid by RSPCA.

Expenditure has got out of control and that is the responsibility of the Board of Trustees.  Should the employees of the RSPCA pay for this discrepancy?  If the RSPCA gets its own with these changes to employees pay this could have a detrimental effect on the reputation of this much loved charity and could potentially see donations dwindle.