Revelation Foundation Operated To Poor Governance Practices

The Charity Commission has reported that Revelation Foundation, a Christian based charity and broadcaster, operated to poor governance practices.  The Charity Commission stated that Revelation Foundation

·       Was mismanaged by its trustees

·       Had developed an overly complex operating structure

·       Has a series of governance failings

·       Decision-making processes were inadequate e.g not obtaining professional advice before key decisions were made

·       Badly managed conflicts of interest

·       Had poor financial oversight

Being a trustee comes with serious responsibilities.  Well meaning people can still do stupid things.  In this case the charity set up operations in Spain but were still expected to comply with legislative duties and accountable to the Charity Commission. 

The Charity Commission opened an inquiry into how Revelation Foundation operates and got around to publish their findings on 9th October 2020.  Surely COVID-19 cannot be blamed for it taking six years to complete their investigation. 

How the Revelation Foundation operated is an example of a group of people losing sight of their objectives and not cross referencing their legislative responsibilities. If a business makes stupid and irresponsible decisions then that business will face the financial consequences of those bad decisions and are only accountable to themselves. 

The Charity Commission has a duty to protect the way that money donated is managed, even if the decision maker of mismanagement is a key donor the Law still applies.  All trustees of all charities need to recognise and respect the fact that charities are not their businesses and they have a responsibility to be responsible by Law.

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