National Living Wage Is A Joke!

A few years ago a campaign started for the National Living Wage because the National Minimum Wage was not sufficient for people to live on.  Over recent time I have seen references to the National Living Wage and is now a legal requirement for employers.  However, the National Living  Wage applies to those who are aged over 25 years and the National Minimum Wage applies to those who are aged under 25 years.  Really these are the same thing. 

Depending on employment contracts a full time working week will be anything from 35 to 40 hours a week.  How can anyone live on between £15k to £17k per annum in the UK today?

Then there is the Real Living Wage championed by the Living Wage Foundation.  Currently the Minimum Wage is a £7.70 for 21 – 24 year olds and the National Living Wage is £8.21 per hour.  Really it is the same thing, my apologies for the repetition but it is the same thing.  The Real Living Wage is £9.00 per hour across the UK apart from in London where the aspiration is £10.55 per hour.  The Real Living Wage is totally voluntary is woefully low.

The Living Wage Foundation has been in operation for a number of years now.  For an organisation that has an annual income of £5 million it might be reasonable to assume that much more could have been done by now to influence employers and Government policy.

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