UK Government MP Pay Rise Amid COVID-19

It is inconceivable that MPs sitting in the House of Commons have the audacity to discuss a 4.1% pay rise.  Yet that has been the case.  The world is experiencing a health pandemic due to COVID-19, infection rates are rising, hospital admissions are rising, deaths due to COVID-19 are rising, doctors working in intensive care hospitals in Liverpool are saying that Liverpool hospitals are treating people in corridors.  Yet MPs have dedicated their time to discuss their pay rise.

This is all in the year where doctors and nurses have died because, it has been widely reported, that they were not adequately protected by not having access to appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE)

The UK Labour Party and others are not enough in numbers to reject a motion for MPs to receive a pay rise of 4.1%.  The best that Keir Starmer, leader of the Labour Party can offer is that MPs donate the extra £3,359 each year, which will take the basic salary to £85,291.

Nurses have received, on average, a 1% pay increase over the last 10 years.  The photo shown above has been widely shared on social media and it’s not clear who wrote that message or took the photograph.  What is clear is the wide agreement by the British public with over 10,000 shares at the time of writing this article

“Instead of giving all our MPs a pay rise, let’s all clap instead”

The wide sharing reflects the outrage that this topic has even been discussed.

It is currently being reported that MPs will not be receiving a pay rise at this time.  What the finer details about this are unclear.  Will the pay rise be deferred with back pay?  That has not been reported. 

The UK is experiencing one of the worst recessions recorded, people are losing their jobs, businesses are losing money, the UK Government is reducing the level of financial support businesses receive and the number of areas that are expected to go into Tier 3 restriction levels to increase.

The nation is worse off financially causing untold damage to people’s mental health.  It is not right or fair that one group of people, who control how the UK residents live their lives, control their pay levels.  Yes, there is a committee, described as being independent, but really?  Is it really independent? 

Common sense has prevailed.  Temporarily.  No pay rise for MPs in the near future.

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