UK Record £3.3bn of Grants Awarded in 2016/17

According to published report Funding Giving Trends 2018 commissioned by the Association of Charitable Foundations grant awards increased by 10.9% in 2016-2017 compared to the previous financial year.

The data was based on 300 charitable trust and foundations based in the UK that awarded grants valued £3.3bn during 2016/17.  It found that 63% of the foundations increased the grant awarding during that year.  Whether or not this is a trend is hard to judge.

The report found that the charitable trusts and foundations followed in the report saw income from donations and investments grow by 10%.  These top 300 organisations had assets valued at £65bn.  This raises a number of ethical issues.  Why were the grant awards so low?  The grant awards represent approximately half of the income generated by these organisations?  Given the state of the economy, slashes in public spending, increased usage of food banks, and usage by nurses apparently.

Well done to the charitable trusts and foundations for their increased generosity but why such a small proportion of their income and only a fraction of their assets.  What are these charitable trusts and foundations doing with these assets?  Imagine what good work could be achieved by doubling the donations to approximately the level of income these charitable foundations received during 2016 / 17.

Come on, Trustees of these 300 charitable trusts and foundations, dig deeper and give more!  The grants are needed and needed now.  What are you keeping all this money for?

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