Failed Fundraiser Exposed

The voluntary sector is bombarded with fundraising experts claiming to be able to solve the problems of raising funds for charities with declarations of success.  Unfortunately, just as in other sectors the voluntary sector is exposed to unfulfilled promises.

It is highly probable that these professional fundraisers mean what they say when the promise great returns on a small investment from charities who desperately shed blood sweat and tears to raise much needed funds for their much needed and valued services.

So it is a pity that there are those who cannot meet their claims.  Adding more misery to their unfulfilled promises are that some are unable to even run their own businesses well.  Recently a professional fundraiser was forced to shut down five of his fundraising businesses.  Chris Stoddard not only had the businesses goes into liquidation he has a track record of companies going into liquidation, stuck off from trading or currently going through the initial stages of being struck.

Everyone makes mistakes, however Chris Stoddard does not seem to have learned from his business errors that have owed hundreds of thousands of pounds.  Now that would not be a problem had his businesses not owed money to small businesses, owed employees salaries and owed taxes to the Inland Revenue.

When selecting your professional fundraiser do a little research.  All the information about Chris Stoddard’s failed businesses was available in the public domain.  The voluntary sector is awash with motivated individuals with integrity and compassion for making the world a better place that it is inconceivable to them that not everyone serving them have the same levels of integrity.


Photograph by Donald Tong

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