Children in Need Raises £47.9m

Children In Need has become a national institution that was led by Sir Terry Wogan for 35 years.  The annual telethon is eagerly awaited such that  the day of the television programme  is now commonly called Children In Need Day. 

It has been widely reported that the 2019 campaign raised £47.9m on the night and is down by £3m on 2018.  The highest total every raised on the night of the telethon was in 2016 when £61m was raised.  As a general trend the total amount that is raised by Children In Need during a campaign tends to be double the amount raised on the night.

Whilst the team at the BBC may search for reasons why the amounts raised seem to be on a downward trend, they should be proud of their combined achievements.  What the BBC does better than most fundraisers is invest all of the money raised on good causes.  A comparable example is the National Lottery who struggle to allocate anywhere near 20% of money raised on good causes.