Is it time for Boris Johnson to step aside a let a grown-up take over?

Is it time for Boris Johnson to step aside a let a grown-up take over the COVID-19 crisis?  January 2020 saw a lot of businesses and voluntary organisations preparing for lockdown that did not happen until the end of March 2020.  Johnson has already admitted that it was a mistake to have not put the UK in lockdown earlier. 

The UK Government has changed the way the COVID-19 deaths are recorded.  Now only those who were diagnosed of having contracted within 28 days of death are included in the officially recorded COVID-19 deaths.  This seems like an attempt to reduce the numbers of COVID-19 related deaths reported to make the situation seem better than it is.  If a person gets diagnosed with cancer 2 years before they die surely cancer is included on the death certificate?  Maybe not.

The UK Government promised 500,000 COVID tests per day by the start of November.  On 20th October 2020 there were only 279,996 COVID-19 tests conducted.  The Government claims that it had capacity to conduct 373,533 test on that day.  However, it was stated that only 15% of people tested receive their results within a day, yet Johnson promised the British public, back in May, that 100% of tests will be provided within 24 hours. The BBC reported on 21st October that travellers leaving the UK from Heathrow Airport can have their COVID-19 test results within 20 minutes.

What is going on with how Government funded services are managed? 

Johnson has continually told the Great British public that the Government is doing a better job that any other country in the EU and yet the number of infections and deaths are escalating daily. 

What seems to be missing, that any Business Studies student will know, is robust project management, with a detailed risk log and mitigation measures.  It really is that simple.  Decision making from the UK Government does not seem to be coherent, logical or consistent since the outbreak of COVID-19 was widely reported in January 2020. 

The public is continually told that they are in unprecedented times and that the Government is working hard, yet this virus has not gone away.  Auckland, New Zealand has a population of 1,500,000 and have only had 1 death that resulted from contracting COVID-19.  A densely populated city such as Auckland has managed to contain the disease.  New Zealand has been led superbly by their Prime Minister Jacinda Arden.

The current incumbent has had since early January 2020 to manage minimisation of the spread and impact of COVID-19 and has failed.  It is now time to bring in someone who has managed projects in a production or manufacturing capacity.  Someone who has a track record of achieving results on large scale projects that have clear objectives, clear management structures and logical decision-making processes.  Making decisions with your mate who cannot follow simple rules is not a way to run the country.

Step aside Johnson and let a grown up do the job.

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