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Welcome to Grant Keys.  We support the voluntary and charitable sector to thrive by providing information about developing infrastructure to become more sustainable.  Our key expertise is in securing funding through grants and contracts awarded by trusts, foundations, public sector and large voluntary sector organisations.

Contact Grant Keys if you wish to share information about your organisation and services.  There is no charge for this service.  Not all information shared with Grant Keys will be published on this website.

Getting Around This Site

Our aim is to support voluntary sector organisations to flourish.  On the Grant Keys site we provide information about running a voluntary sector organisation from setting up to managing services at strategic and operational levels

Grants AvailableWe will provide details about as many funding opportunities as we can possibly find.  Currently we have a selection of funds available in the UK.  These details will be update on a regular basis and will soon include funding opportunities in the US for services to be delivered in the US

Techniques – Grant Keys are experts at raising funds for the voluntary sector.  We aim to provide details about how to successfully apply for grants and contracts.  These skills are also applicable for private and public sector organisations wishing to apply for grants and contracts.  In this section of the Grant Keys website are also other techniques and tips to raise funds.

GovernanceHere you will find ideas, suggestions and requirements for what systems and processes concerned with ensuring the overall direction, effectiveness, supervision and accountability of an organisation could or should be in place.

Good NewsHere we will provide details about successes in fundraising activities and promote services that are available.  More will be added shortly.  We are currently prioritising building information sections grants available, Governance and Techniques

It is time … – Here we write about changes that we feel should happen.  Initially this section was set up to influence change within voluntary sectors and services provided.  COVID-19, state influences, the people and the future will also be included in this section.  This is where we express our disappointment and what we would like to see change.

Grenfell The residents, neighbours and loved ones of those that lived in Grenfell Tower have been badly let down in so many ways.  In this section we will be reporting on the developments and historical details that move us, annoy us, enrage us and signs of joy and hope.  

Politics – Mostly UK politics here.  We will try not to get too political.  There are those that say that politics has no place in the voluntary sector.  Those are the deluded and we will express our views as we see fit and appropriate.

Poor PracticeWe look to the Charity Commission and UK Government websites for news about investigations into poor conduct of voluntary sector organisations.  This is not to embarrass those that have been found to guilty of malpractice or similar.  This is merely to provide examples of what not to do.  There are some amazing people within the voluntary sector, some who lose sight of the need for complying with certain requirements.  Some of those found guilty often hold key positions within those organisations that have been subject to investigation.  However well meaning, voluntary sector organisations cannot be managed in the same way the a business owner will run their own business.  These people may not be guilty of financial misappropriate, however, rules are rules and there are greater expectations on financial accountability and management within the voluntary sector, whether we like it or not.

Privacy Statement

Grant Keys does not collect any data about anyone who visits this website.  We have no  reason to do so and are not technically savvy enough to do so.  Feel free to browse at your leisure.

Anyone who emails Grant Keys may have their email saved for a period of time.  We do not share contact details with anyone and have no intention of doing so in the future.