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Practical help and support for young people in Britain aged 16-30 years in the form of residential courses that give them a chance to make changes in their lives, try new experiences, learn new skills and meet new people.

Objectives of Fund

The aim is to promote personal development and to develop an individual’s ability to function within a group.  The emphasis is on learning new life-skills such as communication and planning, which will enable participants to go on with new-found confidence to further education and employment and to make a positive contribution to society.

Value Notes

Details of the Trust’s current programmes are as follows:

Inspiring Young Futures

This programme encourages participants to think about what they would like to achieve, and helps them work towards their goals.

Specifically designed for young people with caring responsibilities, and those leaving local authority care, the programme provides an opportunity for young people to meet others in a similar situation, and to take a break away from their usual environments.

The programme includes 12-18 months of support: participants have the support of a dedicated one-to-one worker (Positive Destinations Adviser) who is there to respect and listen. Community activity days open up opportunities to meet a positive group of peers before embarking on a journey into Scotland’s wilderness – all designed to help participants develop new skills and realise their potential. Ongoing support enables participants to consolidate their new skills, boost confidence, motivation and aspirations, and reach out to other local opportunities such as education, employment and training.

Living Wild – Chance for Change

This programme supports young people on probation and Community Payback Orders throughout Scotland who want to make positive changes in their lives.

The programme helps people involved in the criminal justice system who recognise that they need to address their behaviours and attitudes. It offers support to develop the skills and motivation to work towards a life free from crime, to become more employable, see more possibilities and build positive relationships with others.

The programme offers regular outreach support for 12-15 months and a 10-day intensive wilderness journey in the north west highlands of Scotland. The outreach team provides community links support following the journey, helping participants to make and sustain connections to services and opportunities within their communities.

Next Steps

This programme is for women whose chaotic and disadvantaged backgrounds have led to their involvement in offending.

This programme is delivered in conjunction with criminal justice partner agencies that are engaging with groups of women throughout Scotland. The programme is designed to support women of all ages who have been involved in the criminal justice system. Many have experienced difficult backgrounds – often involving abuse, domestic violence, substance misuse, unemployment and broken relationships. The programme helps these women to reduce their risk of re-offending and move towards a positive destination in employment, education, training or volunteering. Support is given to participants to identify the changes they want to make in their lives, then develop skills, motivation and aspirations for a more positive future. Participants are supported by outreach teams before experiencing an intensive five day wilderness journey followed by ongoing community-based support from the Trust and other partners.

Transitions to Independent Living

Transitions to Independent Living is a personal development programme designed to help people experiencing homelessness to unlock and make the most of their talents – developing confidence and employability, increasing their ability to access local services and establishing sustainable lifestyles. It is regularly proven to better equip participants with the skills and attributes needed to access employment, education or training, as well as offering a catalytic shift in attitude and perspective that helps participants plan their move into independent accommodation.

Participants travel to the Scottish Highlands from across the UK to take part in wilderness personal development journeys which offers safe and supportive space to reflect and develop. Participants leave the journey with a plan setting out their future ambitions and the pathway to achieving them which they carry out with ongoing support provided by their keyworkers in partnership with Venture Trust.

Match Funding Restrictions

Not applicable.

Who Can Apply

Applications are accepted on behalf of individuals aged 16-30 years who have a social worker or key worker who can refer them to the Trust.


The nature of some of the activities makes the course unsuitable for young people with certain medical conditions, some physical disabilities or mental health issues.  Current misuse of alcohol, drugs or solvents does not automatically preclude acceptance, although participants must agree to abstain completely from using these substances during the course, including when travelling to and from the centre.

Eligible Expenditure

Activities vary between programmes.

How To Apply

Application for a course place may be made at any time.

Potential applicants must initially ask their referrer to contact the Trust.  The referrer will then help the applicant complete the application form.  After receiving the completed application form, the Trust will contact both the applicant and the referrer.

Further details can be found at the Venture Trust website



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