Support Adoption for Pets Launches 2017/18 Programme to Support UK Rescue Centres

Grant Sources

Support Adoption for Pets has re-launched its grants programme which supports UK domestic animal rehoming and rescue centres.

New guidelines for the ‘Support Adoption for Pets’ grants programme have been published by Support Adoption for Pets, a registered charity which runs its own small animal adoption centres. It fundraises through public donations to pay for these centres and to provide financial support to other pet rescue and rehoming organisations in the UK.

The charity offers funding to other charities and non-profit organisations in the UK whose main objective is to find homes for UK pets. The grants are aimed at projects that have a direct impact on animal welfare, and make a real difference to the welfare of UK domestic pets in rescue, including reducing the number of pets in rescue. Support Adoption for Pets donates nearly £1 million in grants each year.

To be eligible, groups must be based and operating in the UK, and rescuing and rehoming UK pets as their main charitable activity. Geographical and financial restrictions do apply, so applicants are encouraged to view the full criteria to check whether their organisation is required to be registered or not.

Grants are usually made up to £50,000 and can be used for the following costs:

  • Running costs (limited to vet bills and/or boarding costs) up to a maximum of 20% of a rescue’s annual expenditure.
  • Trap, Neuter and Release schemes for feral or stray cats.
  • Capital items, such as vehicles, UPVC pens for foster homes, field shelters and equipment.
  • Low cost vaccination and or neutering programmes made available to the public.
  • Building renovations and new building work on land which is either owned in the rescue’s name or is on a long-term (minimum 25 year) lease to the rescue. Building work on land which is owned or leased by an individual is not eligible for funding.

The funder prioritises groups for which the funding will have a real, direct impact on the welfare of domestic pets.

Applications can now be submitted at any time.

For further details go to the Support Adoption for Pets website

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