The Rowing Foundation – Two More Rounds for 2017

Grant Sources

Funding is available for sports, clubs and organisations in Britain to encourage participation in rowing.

The Rowing Foundation, a registered charity, aims to promote the participation in rowing of young people (those under 18 or still in full time education) and the disabled of all ages. The Foundation is currently accepting applications from clubs and organisations in Britain that are supporting participation in rowing.

The Foundation prioritises participation in rowing by the young or disabled through the provision of equipment, such as boats, sculls, ergos, oars and essential safety equipment.

Grants of between £500 and £3,000 are available, for up to 50% of the overall cost of the project, to initiate projects. Organisations must demonstrate their ability to complete the project. Coaching, revenue or any commitments requiring long-term support are rarely approved, as are contributions towards general funds.


Previously successful applicants include:

  • Queens Park HSRC – towards sculling blades.
  • University of Surrey – towards a sculling boat.
  • University of Exeter – towards rowing and sculling blades.
  • Sheffield University RC – towards rowing blades.
  • Welsh Rowing Governing Body – towards para conversion for a single.
  • Shanklin Sandown RC – towards riggers and seats.
  • Bewl Bridge RC – towards two double sculls.
  • Cantabrigian RC – towards a quad scull.


The Foundation prefers to fund groups whose requirements may be too small or who may be otherwise ineligible for an approach to the National Lottery or other similar sources of funds.

The deadlines for applications are 12th June 2017 and 6th November 2017.

 To apply go to The Rowing Foundation by clicking here



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