JPI Climate Launches SOLSTICE Call – Enabling Societal Transformation in the Face of Climate Change

JPI Climate is launching its new joint transnational call SOLSTICE – Enabling Societal Transformation in the Face of Climate Change.

JPI Climate is a Joint Programming Iniative of the European Union. The main objective of JPI Climate is to bring together excellent scientific knowledge that is needed to assist practitioners to adequately transform society towards climate resilience and consequently providing integrated climate knowledge and decision support services for societal innovation.

Through the SOLSTICE Call, JPI Climate invites the Social Science and Humanities community to take the lead and to submit proposals that address the societal aspects of climate change.

Interdisciplinary contributions from consortia consisting of scientists from at least three participating countries are invitied. The participating countries are: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Norway and the United Kingdom.

The following three themes are addressed by the Call:

  • Social justice and participation
  • Sense making, cultural meaning and risk perceptions
  • Transformative finance and economy

Projects are expected to contribute to a better understanding of how climate change affects society. Proposals should engage with societal actors through innovative approaches and deliver impactful projects that can trigger transformative change.

A total budget of €6.9 million is available for this Call. The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) is providing approximately €1.5 million for UK participants. It is expected that between three and six projects will be funded. Payments will be made in pounds sterling at 80% fEC of the project costs. €500,000 is available for participants from Ireland.

The deadline for submission of Outline Proposals is 9 January 2020 (17:00 CET).