George Ernest Ellis Foundation


Grants are available to small local charitable organisations based and working in Leicester and Leicestershire for projects and activities that benefit the local community.

Maximum value:  £1,500

Objectives of Fund

The Foundation looks for projects that mobilise voluntary activity, that are clearly inclusive, fostering good relationships in a complex society and that seek to address disadvantage, neglect or marginalisation of any kind.

Value Notes

Approximately £20,000 is awarded in grants each year.

Grants of up to £1,500 per organisation per year are available.

Who Can Apply

Local charitable groups based and working in Leicester and Leicestershire may apply.

The Foundation wants its funding to make a tangible difference and thus it favours smaller organisations and projects in Leicester and Leicestershire over larger and well-supported charities or institutions.


The following are not eligible for funding:

  • Individuals
  • Groups and projects located outside of Leicester and Leicestershire

Eligible Expenditure

Funding can be used for projects that make a tangible difference to local communities in Leicester and Leicestershire.

Previously supported activities involve wellbeing and health, sport and recreation, environment, community life and connectedness, youth activities and relations between young and old.

How To Apply

Applications are due by the end of May each year for consideration in mid June with a decision by the end of June.

Applications are by letter to the Foundation’s Secretary. The letter should describe the group that is applying (its composition and purpose) and the project or activity for which funding is being sought.

The letter should be accompanied by a simple budget indicating the annual turnover of the organisation, the total amount needed to make the proposed activity viable and the particular item to be considered for funding.

Contact Details

Matthew Ellis, George Ernest Ellis Foundation, Stone Cottage, 4 Green Lane, Ashley, Market Harborough, Leicestershire.  LE16 8HD


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