debbie&andrew’s Micro Sponsorship Awards

Grant Sources

Grants are available to support local and grass roots fundraisers to support projects which support rural values, the countryside and community life across the UK.

Maximum value:  £1,000

Objectives of Fund

Micro sponsorships are intended to support projects which promote rural values, the countryside and community life by supporting fundraising activities for good causes.

Value Notes

Micro sponsorships of up to £1,000 are available.

Up to £50 worth of debbie&andrew’s products are available per application for fundraising or profile raising meals.

Preference is given to projects applications under £500.

Who Can Apply

Applications are accepted from any not-for-profit fundraiser who is raising money for locally situated good causes which embody county-inspired activities, skills, craft, values or ideas.


The following are not eligible for funding:

  • For-profit organisations.
  • Employees of companies related to the Debbie & Andrew’s brand or media partners.

Eligible Expenditure

Applications are accepted for projects taking place in the UK which align with debbie&andrew’s objective of supporting local communities and the company’s ethos of upholding country values.

This includes projects which:

  • Would not normally be funded by other means.
  • Require seed funds to attract matching funds.

Examples of eligible projects include fundraising activities to raise money for:

  • Local team kits.
  • Refurbishing a sports pavilion.
  • Maintaining a local park or landmark.
  • Setting up a gardening club.
  • Buying school equipment.
  • Building an animal sanctuary.
  • Launching community cooking courses.
  • Repainting the church hall.
  • Promoting the village fete.
  • Holding a street party.
  • Staging a music concert or arts festival.
  • Creating a local support network.

Eligible projects are required to commence within a year of sponsorship funds being awarded.

How To Apply

Applications will be accepted at any time and are assessed on a monthly basis.

Guidance information and an application form can be downloaded from the debbie&andrew’s website.

Applications must demonstrate clarity or purpose and vision and describe:

  • What the fundraising is for and how it involves local communities.
  • How the seed money will be used to assist the process of fund raising.
  • Who is involved in the fundraising (those with key responsibilities).
  • Deadlines for key activities.
  • How the project is to be managed (any plans, schedules and budget projections).

Application documents:-


debbie&andrew’s terms-and-conditions

Link to website –

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