Church Times Invites Entries to the ‘Green Church Awards’

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The Church Times is inviting entries for the 2017 Green Church Awards.

 The Church Times, the world’s biggest Anglican newspaper, has launched the Green Church Awards to celebrate the efforts made in recent years by individuals and congregations to offset the damage being done to the earth, and to set good examples before others who might be inspired to follow suit.

Anglican churches of any denomination can enter one or more of the following five categories, though a separate entry form is needed for each.

  • The Green Building Award: £1,000 for projects that have significantly increased the efficiency of resource use, reduced the carbon footprint or helped adapt the building to a changing climate. Entries can be for an existing building or a new building, and either a church or an ancillary building.
  • The Green Congregation Award: £1,000 for inventive initiatives adopted by a congregation or church community group. Entries are invited from congregations or church community groups who have come up with clever initiatives to save energy or water, to use and recycle more, and to make imaginative use of the church’s resources, and space inside and outside the church. The judges will be looking especially for congregations who are involving their local communities in campaigning and direct action.
  • The Biodiversity Award: £1,000 for outdoor projects, either on church land, such as churchyards, or elsewhere. This award is for inventive action to protect and improve the natural environment, and increase the biodiversity around churches, or on land in the church’s care.
  • The Green Champion Award: £1,000 for special people and unsung heroes who have done great things for the environment by example and inspiration, or by coming up with ideas large or small that raise awareness and inspire and challenge others.
  • The Green Futures Award: £6,000 for projects still at the planning stage with the view of providing seedcorn money, or a contribution to fund-raising. Successful projects are likely to combine inventiveness with practical action eg initiatives for a new building, an outdoor project, or a course of action by a congregation or community.

The qualifying period for any project or projects is the past five years, ie from 2012.

The deadline for entries is 2 July 2017 (midnight).

To apply click here

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